Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why the world can’t afford to end on 12-21-12 for Pinoys

.. They say the world will end this coming December 21, though the scientists say there is very little chance of that happening, which is great news for most of us, though maybe not for the preppers. It's not as if we need more reasons to wish the world won't end on 2012. After all, most of want more time to live our lives and be with our loved ones. But there are also so many more celebrations to take part in, titles to be defended, points to be proved, votes to be cast and counted, conclusions to be reached after that fated date. Here are some of the things we just cannot afford to miss, or very compelling reasons why many Pinoys simply can't allow the world to end this Friday. Christmas If the world ends on the 21st, then what of the gifts marked with our names, waiting patiently to be unwrapped under the tree? And surely Simbang Gabi patrons won’t allow the apocalypse to get in the way of their perfect morning mass attendance record—especially if they’re praying for something important. Anyway, there is enough hot bibingka and puto bumbong to last us ‘til New Year’s and beyond, and we cannot let that go to waste. The FIFA World Cup in 2014, and the Olympics in 2016 in Brazil Sports fans simply cannot miss the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will see the Spanish national team defending their title in beautiful Brazil. The 2016 Summer Olympics is also happening in the South American country, which means that Filipino sports fans actually have a shot at watching the games live (if they start saving up for the expensive airfare now) because FYI, we don’t need a visa to enter Brazil. Sayang naman if the world ends and we can’t take advantage of that benefit! Game of Thrones season three / A Song of Ice and Fire book six The last episode of the second season of breakout series “Game of Thrones” unfolded in a series of cliffhangers: the vicious Tywin Lannister seizes control of the Iron Throne, while his son the Kingslayer and Incest Knight Jaime makes his way across the Seven Kingdoms as a hostage of Catelyn Stark. King in the North Robb Stark marries in secret while fighting a war, and the Khaleesi is poised to begin her long journey across the narrow sea to join the melee. Through all of this, an army of whitewalkers makes its way closer to the tenuous Wall that is the only thing protecting Westeros from an endless winter. The continuation will take place on 03-31-13 to be exact, and the wait is almost as painful as Ned Stark’s grisly fate. Meanwhile, fans of the books also have many questions that have yet to be answered. For instance, who is Jon Snow’s mother? Will the remaining Starks ever reunite again? Will Jaime keep his promise to Catelyn Stark? What will happen to Dany and her dragons? Will the war ever end, and will we finally be able to stop crying/gasping/screaming/cursing George R.R Martin for toying with our emotions so? Some of the answers to these questions stand to be answered with the sixth installment of the series, “The Winds of Winter,” though Mr. Martin continues to keep us on edge by dangling the book in our faces without even an estimate for a release date. Until that happens, doomsday will just have to wait. The birth of the royal baby The royal pregnancy and birth is too exciting to miss if the world would end on the 21st. There’s still Duchess Catherine’s maternity style to look forward to, and whether it’s a little prince or princess in there – or even twins – and who he or she will look like (either way, the baby’s sure to be a stunner). Also, the women of the worlds’ ovaries have yet to explode at the sight of uncle Prince Harry holding his new nephew or niece. FOI and RH Law The Reproductive Health Bill and Freedom of Information Bill have made great progress lately, with the RH bill getting approval from lawmakers and the FOI bill just awaiting a nod from the lower house. While both bills still have some ways to go before being signed by the President and finally taking effect, the possibility that they will be passed into law—as many Filipinos have long called for—is now greater than ever. If and when that moment comes, we have to be around to cheer it. Jessica Sanchez and more in the Philippines The well-loved “American Idol” alumna performed here for the show’s concert tour in September along with the rest of the “Idol” contestants (and winner Philip Phillips, of course). She’s coming again in February 2013, this time to sing in a show all her own, with fellow “Idol” graduate Colton Dixon as a special guest. It will be interesting to see how the talented Fil-Am will hold up on her own. Another big star heading our way is Korean pop star Psy, who will strut his stuff Gangnam-style in Manila also in February. After watching his video for the umpteenth time on YouTube, Pinoy fans will get the chance to see him perform his funny horse dance and more, probably with many celebrities following his lead. Meanwhile, Grammy award-winner Joss Stone and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jimmy Cliff are also paying the country a visit. They're not playing in a regular concert but instead, they're headlining the country's annual hippie gathering, the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival next year. Hearing Joss Stone and Jimmy Cliff play live along with around 3,000 interesting people on the foothills of a mountain in Puerto Galera is just too good for doomsday to cancel out. Halalan 2013 Filipino voters cannot pass up on this chance to exercise democracy and steer our country in a direction we actually want it to go. The elections next May will allow us to designate officials on the local level, including district members at the House of Representatives, governors, vice-governors, mayors, vice-mayors, city and municipal council members, and possibly 13 out of the 24 seats in Senate (we might just have to say goodbye to Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago as she fulfils her duty as a judge at the International Criminal Court). A strong Philippine economy It turns out that we Filipinos have more to lose than most should the world end this week, and that includes a richer future. According to a wealth report by Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank, the Philippines will have the sixth fastest-growing economy in the next 40 years, surpassing the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Egypt, and even European countries like Spain, France, Switzerland, and Germany, who were all projected to have the lowest GDP growth.