Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Philippine cop fired for cutting off president convoy

ANILA, Philippines (AFP) - Phillipine authorities have sacked a policeman who tried to cut in front of a vehicle carrying President Benigno Aquino in a motorcade, officials said on Tuesday. Presidential guards took officer Ricardo Pascua into custody and turned him over to his superiors who fired him after the incident in a Manila suburb on Monday, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said. Mr Aquino was returning from an official function when the policeman, driving a van, tried to make a U-turn, cutting into the path of the president's vehicle despite the convoy's motorcycle escorts warning him to stop. 'The policeman was quite arrogant in insisting that he be allowed to do a U-turn. In fact, we understand that he even showed his badge to the motorcycle cops who were escorting the convoy,' said Mr Lacierda.