Friday, January 20, 2012

News Update Just like a real home

MANILA, Philippines - A typical guestroom at Discovery Suites is almost like a complete home. Consider the amenities: It has a living room, a dining room and a fully-equipped kitchen. Even the one-bedroom units come with all these features.
Several more thoughtful frills are in-store for guests, who consequently may not want to leave the room throughout their stay at Discovery Suites. For instance, one can just relax and enjoy the widescreen LCD screen TV; there's one in the living room and another in the bedroom. And there's a DVD player so one might end up watching his favorite films in the room all day. Or those who have to bring over some work from the office can avail of the complimentary Wi-Fi service and finish everything right here in the quiet, private confines of the suite.
The Discovery Suites is housed in one of the taller buildings in Ortigas Center. The eastern section of the tower offers a spectacular view of the Sierra Madre mountain range, while the opposite side has a view of the Ortigas skyline. The suites are so spacious; guests can host a small private party in the place. Putter around the kitchen and you'll find a set of wine glasses and utensils. And with the living room equipped with a CD player, the party is just waiting to happen.
The hotel has just finished refurbishing several of its suites, which have been dubbed the Serendipity Suites. It's a premium brand of room of sorts. Prior to the renovations, the rooms offered a cozy atmosphere; brown and red seemed to be the dominant colors then. Parquet flooring, brown carpeting, red orange sofas and wood accents were the norm.
The new look is a complete departure; it's more elegant, cheerful and pleasant to be in. There's a bit of the modern Asian look in the interiors and it's fused with traditional classic designs. The wooden chairs, the sofa and coffee table, for instance, have that classical, elegant shape that is modern and glamorous. The parquet floors have given way to laminated wood, which looks cleaner and smoother.
Other touches, such as the curtains, fresh roses in the elegant vase and exquisite lamp shades add a certain grace to the room. The white shelves that house the LCD, the DVD player and CD player are specially lit to provide a stylish setting. The lighting is also meant to place emphasis on the wooden Asian sculptures ensconced in the shelves.
The huge mirror in the dining area makes the suite even look roomier. And with the lights on, the place also looks brighter. This is a sharp contrast to the interior design of yore, when the suites were luxurious though the overall atmosphere looked and felt somewhat darker. This new look is far more resplendent without being too lavish.
The Discovery Suites is conveniently located at the heart of Ortigas Center. Guests can just take a short walk to this business hub's major malls.
But this writer doubts whether any guest would want to leave his suite at all, especially when one gazes at the hustle and bustle going on in the streets below. When one gets that feeling of being above all this, he'd rather just stay put.
For inquiries, contact Discovery Suites at 719-8888.