Saturday, January 7, 2012

News Update QC wants strict inspection of ‘taho’ makers

By Nikka Garriga
QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA--The local government is calling for a more rigorous process in the inspection and monitoring of taho production in the city.
Taho, or soybean custard, is an authentic Pinoy drink made of fresh tofu, processed brown sugar and vanilla syrup (arnibal) and sago. Vendors are often spotted in streets as early as dawn selling taho.
Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has instructed the city government’s health department to include taho manufacturers in the list of establishments for strict review and evaluation.
This is to safeguard the health of consumers particularly children who are the most frequent patrons of taho often sold in parks and schools.
The local government is also looking at the possibility of banning recycled or used cooking oil sold in public markets due to the unsanitary process used in making such products.
The city government has been calling for a stricter monitoring of food processing businesses to protect the consuming public from health hazards brought about by the improper handling, manufacturing or processing of food products.