Friday, February 24, 2012

News Update Ayala opens walking mall strip

AYALA Land executives announced the opening of the walking mall strip in Camp John Hay.
The walking mall strip was built around trees in the former US military base.
“We had a special team of engineers and architects design the buildings for us,” said Javier Hernandez, AVP of the Ayala Commercial Group.
He said the company has since made it a policy to build around existing environment of each site. “We did not cut any trees; instead we built around them.”
Walking Mall fronting the Ayala Techno Hub is composed of differently sized buildings built to skirt around aged pine trees in the camp.
Hernandez said the procedure takes more time to build and utilizes more manpower but is a policy adhered to by the company.
“That is what we believe in, that is what we have been doing ever since,” Hernandez said.
The group has since planted over 3,000 trees in the area.
Ayala acquired 12 hectares of Camp John Hay property and will devote 2.6 hectares to vertical structures with the remaining 10 hectares left for open spaces and forest covers.
Ayala has brought in call center, Convergys, to the city and hiring 5,000 new employees. Ayala has also infused P6 billion to Camp John Hay coffers. (Ma. Elena Catajan)