Sunday, May 20, 2012

Former Pasay Councilor Passes Away

MANILA, Philippines - Former Pasay City Councilor Justo C. Justo died last Friday morning at the Ospital ng Maynila after suffering from lingering illness. Also known as JJ, Justo was already bedridden for over a year now. His remains lie at his house on David St. in Pasay City. Interment will be announced later. A former movie columnist and playwright, Justo was a "mother" in gay society but a strict disciplinarian father to her two daughters. In an interview with his eldest daughter, Maria Louela Justo Galvez said that some look at his father as gay but only few know that he was straight and a loving father. Galvez said that their mother, Adela, who was his father's childhood sweetheart, accepted his father when he entered show business. Some of his father's works include 1970's "I Love You Honey"; "Bar Girl" (1971), "Si Waray at ang Talyada" (1971), "Avenida Boy" (1971), "Batul of Mactan" (1974), and "The Secrets of Sarah Jane/Sana'y Mapatawad Mo" (1994). He also appeared in "Pearly Shells" in 1972 and "The Secrets of Sarah Jane/Sana'y Mapatawad Mo" as himself. Justo was also the founder of the Home for the Golden Gays, an "orphanage" for homosexuals. Louela said that her father joined politics in the '80s to help the poor. JJ started his career in the political arena as a Kagawad and later became a barangay chairman in 1987. Then he ran for city council and finished three terms. Louela said that they have already accepted in the past that her father will leave them anygtime due to his condition. She also recalled those days when she and her younger sister Ma. Milagros Justo Miyazawa would be allowed to go to parties for limited time. "Milagros and I have to be home before 12 midnight. We're like Cinderella. That's how strict he is to us). Justo, she said, was also the founder of the Home for the Golden Gays, an "orphanage" for homosexuals. Roberto Magaso, 61, said that he was beside Justo at the time of his demise. He promised to continue Justo's advocacy to help homosexuals in the country.