Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NHA Blast Damages 6 Cars

MANILA, Philippines - A grenade exploded inside the compound of the National Housing Authority (NHA) on Tuesday in Quezon City, causing damage to six parked vehicles.

Supt. Michael Macapagal, commander of Quezon City Police District's Station 9 (QCPD-PS9), said that a MK2 fragmentation hand grenade was thrown and exploded between 5:15 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. inside the NHA compound located along Elliptical Road, Diliman.

He said that the lever of the grenade was found on top of a roof of a parking area located along the side of the Maharlika Road.

Six vehicles were damaged from the explosion that included a brown owner-type jeep (ZDH-859), a gray Toyota Hi-Ace (RDC-423), a gray Mitsubishi L-300 (TGU-595), a red Toyota Lite Ace (PSI-303), a gray Nissan Navarra (XJT-333), and a gray Toyota Innova (SKL-283).

Macapagal assured that no one was hurt from the explosion.

"It was meant to scare and not to hurt anyone since it took place very early in the morning," Macapagal explained.

He said that the grenade was thrown from outside the perimeter fence of the compound along the Maharlika Road side.

The police official noted that a tricycle terminal is located along Maharlika Road, saying that he hopes drivers there might have seen who could have thrown the grenade.

Dave Quezon, head of the NHA Buildings and Grounds Maintenance and Security Division, lamented that they have no closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras along the perimeter of the compound.

"We only have CCTVs inside the compound," cited Quezon, assuring that CCTVs will eventually be installed along the perimeter fence.

Quezon said that there was no work stoppage despite the grenade explosion.

However, Quezon City security was tightened for the day because of the incident.

Macapagal said that there was no need to beef up police security since there is an existing police patrols roving the area.

He said that the grenade explosion may have something to do with the many land dispute cases that the NHA is handling.

The police official said that they are looking into the change of security agency at NHA.

Quezon said the NHA has decided to directly hire security personnel