Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CBO full computerization mulled

..THE City Building Office (CBO) is preparing for the possible influx of big investors on infrastructure projects to Davao City through a full computerization of its system. CBO chief Jaime Adalin said in order to materialize the full-computerization plan they need around P2.3 million to for the necessary equipment and programs. He said the full-computerization may take place sometime in the last quarter of next year. Aside from the P2.3 million, Adalin said they also need another P1.3 million for the acquisition of large format scanner. With the scanner, the office will be able to secure copies of all the proposals of the investors planning to invest in the city. "We're preparing for that," Adalin said. The full-computerization will be another way to fast-track the processes. With this, cases of falsification of public documents and forgery will be diminished, according to Adalin. He added that major investors coming from the Metro Manila and Cebu City have started to see the city as a preferred area for investments. "We always appreciate those developments. It's an indication that Davao City is considered as an investment haven," Adalin said. With the full computerization comes another device that will allow easy electronic signature of public documents. "Even if I'm not in the office, or even at home, I can still continue doing my job. If there are documents that need my signature, I can easily affix my signature," Adalin said. He attributed the development to the good leadership of the city officials and the peace and order situation of the city, plus the area for expansion in the city is still very wide. When these plans will be put in place, this will lead toward paperless transaction. Adalin cited the new mall owned by Felcris Hotels and Resorts Corporation that is now undergoing construction along Quimpo Boulevard where some P839.9 million in investment has been allocated for the 12-storey Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Tower and for the mall itself. The BPO Tower and the mall will sit in a 54,783-square meter lot. Adalin said the target completion date will be in September of 2013. Based on the latest data of CBO, a total of P52.4 million was collected from January to August this year. With the amount, Adalin said they are already 80.73 percent closer to their target of P65 million for the whole year. ....@yahooph on Twitter