Friday, October 26, 2012

Kopi Talk Crown Asia's discerning crowd

MANILA, Philippines - Upper-middle income families want and deserve the finer things in life, and for a good reason. These are families which have gained financial success due to hard work, persistence, sacrifice. Some parents even had to endure long periods of separation in search of greener pastures. Once success is achieved, the search for the finest home that money can buy begins. As a highly discerning lot, upper-middle income families know that a home represents a “trophy,” a symbol that they have arrived so to speak. Crown Asia recognizes this special need among the upper-middle class by developing the country’s finest residential properties. It is the subsidiary of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. – the Philippines largest homebuilder – that creates communities for the nation’s upper middle-income families and individuals. Its beginnings Since 1995, when Crown Asia welcomed the public to La Marea in San Pedro, Laguna – its very first offering – the company has been guided by the philosophy that every home and community it builds must be worthy of the success and hard work of its home owner. To the Filipino, a home is the big dream. The reason one works so hard and sacrifices so much. It is the finest gift one can give to one’s self, and to one’s family. For those who work harder than most, as seen in their greater success, the rewards must be greater as well. This is why, to this day, and over 30 developments later – including the regional and vertical developments carrying the Crown Asia brand – every masterplanned community and elegant high-rise, is created with uncompromised quality. Themed homes Beyond being known for excellent quality and craftsmanship, and being synonymous with the affordable luxury home, Crown Asia has the honor of bringing to the country the concept of “themed homes” – transporting the loveliest places on the planet onto the streets and avenues of the Philippines. By creating not just houses, but entire communities that look authentically Italian, Southern and Northern American, Crown Asia has actually also enhanced or “beautified” – the Philippine landscape. La Marea in San Pedro Laguna easily evokes the American countryside; Marina Heights in Sucat completely takes one to San Francisco’s Marina Bay; Augustine Grove in Dasmarinas Cavite evokes the American countryside ambience with its sprawling trees and meandering roads. Carmel in Bacoor Cavite has a distinct Northern American feel. The Italian countryside, where one can almost breathe in the heady scent of olive and lemon trees, are recreated in many of Crown Asia’s properties: Valenza in Sta. Rosa Laguna, Ponticelli in Daang Hari, Citta Italia and Vita Toscana in Bacoor, and Amalfi in Dasmarinas, Cavite and Fortezza in Cabuyao Laguna, among others. Location Every Crown Asia neighborhood must be accessible and conveniently close to centers for business and leisure, as well as the necessary schools and hospitals. Transportation and main thoroughfares are always within easy reach and some even have a shuttle service to ferry residents around the villages and to transport hubs. More than locating its properties close to city hubs, yet distant enough to spare its residents the noise and crowding of the metros, Crown Asia is also bringing to the country the global concept of “masterplanned communities.” Here, virtual cities are designed into the developments. Supermarkets, malls, churches, schools, hospitals, and even business centers are part and parcel of these modern-day residential complexes making them practically independent and turning them into destinations in themselves. Not only is everything the city has to offer close by, one no longer even needs to go into the city. Everything one needs or wants is right in the community. Finer standards Crown Asia offers a choice of superior developments, from master-planned communities to elegant high rises, in different key areas to these people on the rise. Every Crown Asia home offers an opportunity to enjoy a higher standard of living that they have worked hard for. The Crown Asia brand offers not only the comfort of fine living but the comfort of knowing that your investment is backed by Vista Land, the biggest housing developer in the country. - By Mary Ann LL. Reyes