Friday, January 6, 2012

News Update The year of South Forbes

MANILA, Philippines - 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon and, while the actual celebration of Chinese New Year is still a couple of weeks away, it pays to prepare ahead of time. Well begun is half done!
The Dragon is integral to the planning of South Forbes Golf City, the country’s largest fully-integrated and all-themed golf resort city at the forefront of the Metro Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay corridor. In fact, the whole territory is in the shape of the dragon.
During the first stages of the development of South Forbes, Master Joseph Chau, revered international geomancer, said of the master plan of the entire South Forbes Golf City, “This piece of land looks like a dragon. As such, it will likely bring great fortune for its residents and investors.”
Larger than life. Everything Dragons do is on a grand scale - big ideas and extreme ambitions. And the best place to support such dreams is in the Metro Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay corridor, touted as the new metropolis in the South. Now, with the availability and continuous improvement of major infrastructure such as roads, communication systems, and electricity, this region is able to sustain present and future the business and technology parks, educational institutions, and residential developments in the area.
“Our master plan within this bustling region is actually very simple – the 5 Clusters of Excellence,” said Cathay Land president Jeffrey Ng. “Through this unique feature, we provide our residents with a place to live, study, work, shop, and relax without leaving the confines of the city.”
Innovative. The 5 Clusters of Excellence consists of an internationally-themed Residential Cluster which is supported in full synergy by the Education, Business, Wellness, and Leisure Clusters. All these are interconnected in a globally-accepted planning principle called New Urbanism where, because of the creation of walkable districts, there is a reduction in the dependency of automobiles and a conscious preservation of critical lands. South Forbes is intended to be a sustainable and pedestrian-friendly city.
Intrepid. Dragon people are quite imaginative, always able to see new paths and will take a radical approach. Their homes should be as large and majestic as their personalities.
“We have dubbed South Forbes the ‘whole world in one city’ because of a most unique feature, our internationally-themed Residential Cluster, with modern versions of cultural fusion from east to west,” Ng said. “Every community takes on a life of its own, has its own identity.”
South Forbes, over the years, has grown into a thriving community with several themed enclaves completed and moved in with residents. The first of many is the quaint Mediterranean Villas where Spanish-inspired villas fill a community reminiscent of the Iberian coast. Other Western-themed enclaves include the regal Châteaux de Paris, the chic Miami, and the sleek Scandia Suites.
The Oriental touch is alive, too, in South Forbes through its walled Asian community, The Mansions. Three enclaves belong to this neighborhood: the warm Bali Mansions, the tranquil Tokyo Mansions, and the tropical Phuket Mansions. Move in right here, right now. Call 635-7777 or 631-8855 for a free city tour or log on to for more information.