Saturday, April 21, 2012

DID YOU KNOW THAT ? The Candaba Swamp and Bird Sanctuary:

One of the oldest settlements during pre-Hispanic time, long before the 'encomienderos took hold of the town in 1593, is what is known as Candaba. Not much is known before that period except for extant proofs holding that the Candabeños had their own culture, commerce, and industries, which were basically farming and fishing. Candaba, as told by Dr. Juan P. Gatbonton, one of the more knowledgeable chroniclers of the town, derived its name from Candawe, a name of a place close to Sitio Culumanas in Candaba. Candawe was later corrupted by Spanish derivation to Candaba.
Another school of thought, based on lore perpetuated by word of mouth through the years, traced the origin of the word Candaba from 'Cang Daba' or' Brother Daba. ('Daba' was a term used for a big earthen jar and obese people were teased by likening them to a 'daba') Before long, it came to pass that every out-of-towner buying fish and famed 'buru' (pickled fish) were almost invariably referred to Cang Daba. The town, later on, came to be called Candaba.
The Municipal Council here has recently approved an ordinance declaring the entire municipality of Candaba, including its wetlands and waterways, as a bird and wild fish sanctuary.

This declaration aims to further bolster the municipality’s program of harnessing and developing its eco-tourism potential.

The said ordinance was passed in support of the existing Republic Act 9147, otherwise known as The Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, which includes the Wildlife Law Enforcement Manual of Operations and related Memorandum Circulars of the Department of Environment and natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Agriculture (DA).

The Candaba swamps are very fertile due to sustained deposits of humus and decaying vegetable residues, which is why migrant wild ducks and various birds flock here to escape the winter winds in China and Siberia.

To recall, on October 17, 2003, the Municipal Council of Candaba also passed a resolution declaring Candaba as a Fresh Water Aquaculture Resource and a Fish Sanctuary Zone for the purpose of protecting and preserving its flora and fauna.

The concerned Municipal Council likewise passed a subsequent resolution declaring the Candaba Swamp as a bird sanctuary on September 27, 2004.

The town is known as the Home of Migratory Birds. It has also become a leading advocate of environmental and wildlife protection. (Herbert P. Mapiles)