Friday, April 20, 2012

Kopi Talk Sexy Talk with Jojo Alejar

If you’re insomniac, you should know who Jojo Alejar is. He’s the host of TV5’s Medyo Late Night With Jojo A. Actually, his show airs not late night but very early morning, way past midnight. It’s worth staying medyo late for.
An alum of German “Kuya Germs” Moreno’s GMA youth-oriented show That’s Entertainment (it should be revived, shouldn’t it be?), Jojo is as funny and as witty and, well, as midnight-sexy as the hosts of similar US shows — Jay Leno, David Letterman, et al. There’s no dead air on his show. He’s articulate and in very rare times when he can’t say it, his body language does the trick.
I have guested on Jojo’s show. The episode was taped at its former cramped studio at the mezzanine of the building where Delta Theater used to be. It was a bit musty but Jojo didn’t let the ambience dampen his spirit and enthusiasm. When I watched the episode on TV, it looked as if it was shot at CBS, no kidding!
Catch Jojo at medyo late night and see what I mean.
What is sexy to him?
“I go for sexy basa, not sexy to you (toyo as in dry). Anything wet — wet shirt, wet in the shower, anything that whets my appetite, especially intelligence.”
When does he feel sexy?
“Before I come... to the show.”
What part of his body does he consider the sexiest?
“My eyes. They can look at and see through you.”
What part of a woman’s body does he consider the sexiest?
“I’m a butt guy, so when someone ‘butts in’ she may be welcome.”
When did he lose his innocence?
“Virginity lost early, innocence still there. I’m never guilty.”
To a younger woman, older woman or a woman his age?
“To a married woman…the one married to me.”
Sexiest book?
“The Bible, especially the stories of David and Solomon.”
Sexiest movie?
“Scarface, sex ratrat and roll.”
Sexiest musical instrument?
“All instruments that blow… sax, trumpet, etc.”
Sexiest song?
“PYT (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson.”
Sexiest TV show?
“Puwede tatlo? First, Late Show With David Letterman; second, the one of Conan O’Brien; and third, of course, ano pa eh di…Tonight With Arnold Clavio, hahahahaha!”
Sexiest food?
“Kalderetang kambing.”
Sexiest car?
“My Chrysler 300c on 22s.”
Sexiest perfume?
Sexiest time of the day?
“All the time, all the way.”
Sexiest part of the house?
“Any room where my wife is.”
Sexiest animal?
Sexiest billboard?
“Grand Monaco Houses. Ibabahay ka, este, tutulungan kang magkabahay.”
Sexiest scene he has seen in a movie?
“First time the girl lost ‘it’ to someone she didn’t love from the movie The Other Side of Midnight.”
Sexiest scene he has ever done?
“My Careless Whisper video with Alma Moreno. Tagal na n’un! Sexy pa siya n’un; hindi pa siya councilor.”
Sexiest thing he has ever done to himself?
“Hmmmm, I don’t think you can print it. It has something to do with lifting the bucket with…”
Sexiest thing he has done to or with somebody?
“Get married.”
Sexiest fantasy?
“A ‘trio’ act.”
Sexiest clothes?
“Birthday suit.”
Sexiest concert he has seen?
“Hmmmm…I haven’t seen too many to consider any one of them sexy; mas sexy pa ‘yung concert sa mga bar sa kanto.”
Sexiest face of a woman?
“Anna Guia Alejar.”
Three women that he finds sexy?
“Iza Calzado, parang SUV…big body more room. Empress Schuck, fresh, kumbaga sa orange, eh, ponkan na ponkan, good for the body. Korina Sanchez dahil sa kanyang K (katalinuhan at kaseksihan).”
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- FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo