Saturday, April 7, 2012

News Update Graffiti-Free Cebu City Eyed

CEBU CITY, Philippines - The newly-appointed vandalism czar of the Cebu City government has vowed to launch a massive education campaign, especially among youth groups, as part of his agenda to make Cebu City a graffiti-free city.
Former Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Undersecretary Paul Oaminal, who was recently appointed by Mayor Michael Rama to head the city's campaign against vandalism, said educating the youth of the stories and lives of heroes and events that the streets around the city are named for might help in battling vandalism.
"Law enforcement has not been very effective. It's about time we educate the youth about the history of our roads and old buildings," said Oaminal.
Oaminal also challeged the Alpha Kappa Rho (Akrho) fraternity, where he is a member, to join the war against vandalism, not against gangs. The fraternity's Visayas chapter president Richard Buscayno assured Oaminal of the group's participation.
Next month, Oaminal said his campaign will go full blast with the launch of Brigada Hapsay Sugbo, to be participated in by youth groups and fraternities, to clear roadside walls and buildings of graffiti.
Mayor Rama earlier said he wants the issue of vandalism to be tackled in a holistic manner by Oaminal as anti-vandalism czar of Cebu City.
The mayor wants the move to be multi-sectoral, and Oaminal said he was up to the challenge.