Thursday, September 13, 2012

Honest 'kutsero' returns huge amount left by French passenger

Here's some feel-good news for today: a 'Mamang Kutsero' chose to be honest than become instantly-rich.

Reports say Jaime Mayor, a 48-year-old coachman working in popular tourist spot Luneta, returned a pouch that contained at least €4,000 (over P200,000) to his French passenger.

The report quoted Mayor as saying that he saw the pouch in his coach, when the French tourist was about to board a separate vehicle. He opened the pouch and saw the money and chased the tourist. He added the French national hugged and thanked him for his deed.

“Di ko po kayang kumuha ng ibang gamit. Ok lang po na kumita ng maliit lang, sa awa ng Diyos ay nakapagtapos po sila ng pagaaral [I can't bear take someone else's property. It's okay if I earn little, I was able to send my children to school],” an ABS-CBN report quoted him as saying. The report noted Mayor is earning P200-P500 a day, and is a father of four whose ages ranged from 18-27.

Mayor will get citations from the National Park Development Committee as "Dangal ng Rizal Park Award", it added.

Here's a contributed photo of the honest Jaime Mayor:
Contributed photo