Monday, September 17, 2012

NIA Set To Release P93 Million To Irrigate Biliran Towns

..NAVAL, Biliran - The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) is set to release over P93 million in funds to irrigate five farming municipalities in this island province by 2013. Biliran Lone District Representative Rogelio J. Espina, M.D. said he appreciates the planned release of such funds which will benefit at least five towns, covering 497 hectares of agricultural rice lands in Biliran. Espina said the Community Irrigation Projects (CIP) to be funded by NIA includes the Capatagan Small Irrigation project in Almeria town which will get P4,608; P7,833.00 the Busali Community Irrigation Project in Biliran which will receive P7,833; P34,095.00 the Union Community Irrigation Project in Caibiran town which will receive P34,095; P14,744.00 Virginia-Binongtoan Community Irrigation Project in Culaba town, P14,700; R5,759.00 Calumpang Community Irrigation Extension project, P5, 759; P10,597.00 Villa Caneja Community Irrigation Project, P10,597; P9,215.00 the Capinyahan Community Irrigation Project, P9,215; and the P.S Eamiguel Community Irrigation Project, all located in Biliran's capital town, Naval. Those projects set for 2013 aside, the NIA was also able to finish the construction of new irrigation canals this year. However, Espina said he has asked the NIA to do away with counterpart funds required by the agency from farmers. ''Farmers in Biliran are still impoverished and not yet in food financial condition,'' he said. ..