Tuesday, March 20, 2012

News Update Laugh Off 'Noynoying,' Enrile Tells President

MANILA, Philippines - Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile urged Sunday President Benigno S. Aquino III to remain unfazed amid the latest tag - ''Noynoying'' or the act of doing nothing - against him by militant groups saying he remembers being cast in the same predicament before. Enrile said it would be better for the President to laugh off the criticisms being hurled against him and just concentrate on serving the country.
The Senate President offered the piece of unsolicited advice following the emergence of ''Noynoying'' a new form of protest where activists lay on the ground and demonstrate being lazy, idle or bored to show their scorn for the President whom they perceive as lazy.
During his time, Enrile said his staunch critics had called him ''matador'' (butcher), ''diktador'' (dictator) and ''Martial Law administrator'' especially during his stint in the Cabinet of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.
Today, the name-calling persists, but Enrile said he just shrugs them off.
''I laugh at those calls, until now some people call me that, and I just laugh at them,'' Enrile said in a radio interview.
His critics, Enrile said, are simply unaware of the responsibilities faced by those holding public office.
''I know what I'm doing for the country. If you pay attention to them, you would just be confused,'' he said.
The President should focus his attention on the work at hand, said Enrile.
''There are many people who would call you names. There are just some people who have nothing to do but to carp but when they are put on that spot they can't do anything,'' he said