Thursday, March 22, 2012

News Update Relic Staying Until April 30

MANILA, Philippines - Devotees of Saint Clare in the country have until April 30 to see her pilgrim relic as it makes the rounds of archdioceses and Poor Clare monasteries across the country.
After making a stop in several key cities and provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao, the sacred relic will be brought today from Quezon to Santuario de San Antonio in Makati City.
The remaining pilgrimage schedule of the relic are as follows: March 22: Pampanga Cathedral/Betis Monastery; March 23: Bataan Cathedral/ Bataan Monastery; March 24: Dagupan Cathedral/OSC Monastery Malasique, Pangasinan; March 25: Alaminos Cathedral/Bolinao Monastery; March 26: Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City; March 27: San Pedro Bautista Parish /Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City; March 28: Muntinlupa City Parishes, Bilibid Prison Alabang, Franciscans Alabang; March 29 to 30: Metro Manila/QC Parishes - Franciscans of the Immaculate, Quezon City; March 31 to April 8: Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City; April 9: Nueva Vizcaya Cathedral/OSC Monastery at Aritao; April 10: Isabela Cathe-dral/OSC Monastery at Guibang; April 11: Tuguegarao Cathedral/OSC Monastery at Iguig; April 12: Poor Clare Monastery Laoag; April 13 to 14: Poor Clare Monastery Quezon City; April 15: Leyte Cathedral /Poor Clair Capuchin, Ormoc City; April 16: Catarman Cathedral/OSC Monastery Catarman; April 17: Calbayog Cathedral/OSC Calbayog Monastery; April 18: Antique Cathedral/OSC Monastery San Jose de Buenavista; April 19: Dumaguete Cathedral/OSC Monastery; April 20: OSC Monastery Quezon City; April 21 to 23: Puerto Princesa Cathedral/OSC Monastery; April 23 to 30: OSC Monastery, Quezon City. The relic of St. Clare, the patron of navigators, childless couples, television, and good weather, arrived in the country last Feb. 21. It was the first time in 800 years that the relic was brought outside of Italy.