Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fil-American In Paul Ryan’s Staff


MANILA, Philippines --- As the United States presidential elections draws near, another Filipino-American is thrust into the spotlight.

She is Joyce Yamat Meyer, the 41-year old chief of staff of Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan, running mate of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

In a speech delivered in the US House of Representatives on October 13, 2009, Ryan said he first met Yamat-Meyer when they were both Congressional staffers in 1995.

"I quickly recognized her great abilities," Ryan narrated. "When the member she worked for retired from the House of Representatives, I persuaded my employer, Senator (Samuel) Brownback, to bring her on board.

Ryan said after he was elected in Congress in 1998 he invited Yamat-Meyer to become his Legislative Director.

"Since that time, her skills and knowledge have grown with her responsibilities," the Wisconsin solon said. "I have also been pleased to watch her become a wonderful wife, mom, and leader."

According to Ryan, Yamat-Meyer "is one of my partners in serving the people of Wisconsin's First Congressional District.

"I have worked with Joyce longer than anyone in my office," Ryan disclosed.

He further revealed that Yamat-Meyer's home town is Franklin, Wisconsin.

"Following state redistricting in 2002, she was thrilled to find that her home was now in the First District," said Ryan. "Ever since, serving her home town neighbors has been a point of pride for Joyce."

Yamat-Meyer is the first cousin of the Medical Director of the Anesthesiology Department of Marymount Hospital, Dr. Roderick Yamat.