Thursday, March 15, 2012

News Update Microsoft launches TechSoup in PHL

As Microsoft Philippines celebrated NGO (non-government organization) Connection Day, it simultaneously launched TechSoup Asia which aims to help organizations acquire technology information and resources.
“Today, we are also announcing the availability of TechSoup Asia in the Philippines. It is through such collaborative efforts that NGOs are able to have access to the needed technologies and innovations that will help increase productivity,” Mike Yeaton, Vice President at TechSoup Asia, said in a statement on Wedenesday.
He noted that TechSoup Asia “provide the right resources to support effective use of technology to address social challenges.”
TechSoup Asia, a program which is being made available in the Philippines, bringing the non-profit sector donation programs from multiple private sector companies like Microsoft, Symantec and SAP, the statement read.
On its website, the NGO-service provider said that it is involve in data services, product philanthropy and facilitating collaboration: Data Services: We make data about NGOs accessible to improve transparency and the flow of needed resources. Product Philanthropy: We are the premier source of technology products and knowledge for the NGO sector. Facilitating Collaboration: We connect those using technology innovatively to address social challenges. “Today’s NGO Connection Day will leverage on the announcement of TechSoup Asia in the Philippines. We at Microsoft will further push to help NGOs and businesses alike to acquire the correct access to various technology products and resources,” John Bessey, managing director at Microsoft Philippines, said in the same statement.
The NGO Connection day sponsored by Microsoft tackled the possible effects of technology in the community.
Aside from the Philippines, TechSoup Asia is also launching in the country’s neighboring countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
“Microsoft empowers… NGOs through the affordable technologies, helping them manage and grow their organizations in today’s knowledge economy… we at Microsoft are building the business case for and accelerating adoption of the cloud,” Bessey added. More information can be found here. — TJD