Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bataan Racers Plant Tree Seedlings

..DINALUPIHAN, Bataan (PNA) - This landlocked town held its second Duathlon on Saturday with more than 100 participants coming from all over the country who planted narra tree seedlings at the foot of Mt. Malasimbu as part of the race.

The participants first ran from the starting Line at the Dinalupihan plaza to the oval ground and went biking to Barangay Sapang Balas. They then left their bikes in Sapang Balas and ran again towards the foot of Mt. Malasimbu where they planted two narra tree seedlings each.

After planting tree seedlings, they ran downhill and then rode their bikes to the oval ground where they left their bikes and then ran towards the finish line at the town plaza. They raced through 27 kilometers of concrete and dirt roads one way.

Town Mayor Joel Jaime Payumo said the second duathlon showed that such event can also be held in Dinalupihan.

"Instead of endurance competition only, the duathlon has environmental component," the mayor said.

Dennis Cuatro, event coordinator, said the competition was different from other duathlons.

"This is ride and bike, but unique because of tree planting," he said.

Cuatro said participants came from all over the Philippines mostly from Metro Manila with some from Central Luzon, the Visayas and Bicol Region.

Some police officers from Bataan joined the competition.