Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guinness declares 'Lolong' as world's largest crocodile

THE Municipal Government of Bunawan, a town in Agusan del Sur, has confirmed that the Guinness Book of World Record declared "Lolong", a 21-foot saltwater crocodile, as the largest captured crocodile in the world.
Bunawan Vice Mayor Sylvia B. Elorde told Sun.Star Davao that they got the certificate from Guinness just last week.
The certificate recognizes Lolong as the largest captured crocodile in the world.
But before Lolong came into the picture, Cassius, 17-footer saltwater crocodile captured from Australia was the record holder for quite some time.
The official website of Guinness as of this writing would show that Lolong is yet to take his proper throne.
At present, Lolong, a 2,365-pounder giant is housed at the newly-built eco-tourism park at Sitio Masapya, Barangay Consuelo, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur.
Elorde earlier said the Municipal Government of Bunawan has no plan to transfer the captured reptile to Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre and instead, they will house Lolong in an eco-park in order to increase the awareness of villagers and potential tourists on the vital role the dreaded reptiles play in the ecosystem.
Elorde said Lolong is also seen to boost Bunawan's economy by creating a new world-class tourist attraction.