Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sobriety tests for Philippine traffic cops

..After reports of boozing on the job, traffic police in the Philippine capital will be required to undergo breathalyser tests, an official said Thursday.

The new policy covering the 1,400 Metro Manila traffic enforcers was imposed following complaints about some personnel, said Yves Gonzales, director of Manila's traffic discipline office.

"We got complaints that there were enforcers who were drinking on duty. Just three days ago, we received a complaint via Twitter that one enforcer smelled of liquor," he told AFP.

He said the tests would be conducted at random as the officers reported for duty.

But if the city authority received reports of a traffic cop drinking, the discipline office would deploy breath checkers to have the officer tested.

Those caught face a suspension of between one and six months for the first offence and dismissal for the second, he added.

The Philippine capital has some of the most densely packed and chaotic roads in Southeast Asia, with the average vehicle speed topping only about 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) an hour at peak times.