Friday, June 22, 2012

Kopi Talk Go with the flow with South Forbes

MANILA, Philippines - The rainy season somehow arrives in conjunction with the start of the astrological month of Cancer, a water sign. Water is a vital part of our existence. It is a prerequisite for human health and well-being as well as for the preservation of the environment.

South Forbes Golf City, the country’s largest fully-integrated and all-themed golf resort city at the forefront of the Metro Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay corridor, recipient of the Best Golf Community Development by the 2007 CNBC International Property Awards, the world’s most prestigious property awards program, and the Highly Commended Award for Best Development by the 2010 Bloomberg Asia-Pacific Residential Award, understands that water is a key component in determining the quality of our lives which is why it is an integral part of the planning and design of the whole city.

Water becomes us. South Forbes is bound to the north and the south by two rivulets which is diverted from a main river, flowing from east to west. And from one of the two, another rivulet branches out through the golf course which adds to the all-natural, clean and green environment. And as Asian geomancy, or feng shui, has it, water must be actually present and flowing east to west if the alignment of qi energy lines is to be effective.

Part of my home. Water is not merely a physical resource: in every cultural context it is densely encoded with social, spiritual, political and environmental meanings, and these have a powerful effect upon patterns of water use and upon the relationships between water users and suppliers.

With the integral use of water being the permeating theme in the planning and design of Phuket Mansions, all mansions characterized by spacious living areas extend to large private pools where families or individuals can take a dip to unwind and cool off on warm evenings before retiring for the night.

And as for the Ayutthaya model mansion, a pavilion-type residence, water flows all around the three-pavilion home through reflecting pools which lead to the swimming pool at the rear -- surely, the main attraction to the whole house.

Relax and refresh. We all know from experience that taking a shower or a bath relaxes us. The water washes the negative emotions and tiredness away. Water refreshes and cleans our aura and body.

Every South Forbes resident’s leisure time is best spent either at home or at the village clubhouse where even the swimming pool reflects the lifestyle of a featured culture and design, yet all the same in providing relaxation to its users.

The clubhouse pool of the quaint Mediterranean Villas is a colourful free-form pool adorned with a rocky cascade lushly landscaped while that of the regla Châteaux de Paris is a series of reflecting pools which serve as a moat against the palatial clubhouse that extends to the swimming pool at the rear.

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