Sunday, March 11, 2012

News Update Duterte taps 182 villages vs crimes

DAVAO CITY – Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte directed all 182 village chiefs and police officers in the city to intensify security measures following the rise in crime incidents.
In a meeting with law enforcers and barangay captains Monday, Duterte said he is offering P1,000 reward to anybody who can provide information about theft, robbery, burglary, holdup, stabbing incidents and illegal drugs suspects.
Duterte also directed all police station commanders under the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) to roam the streets and lead their men in securing the populace.
"Almost half of your time is spent on anti-terrorism efforts. Let us also focus on crime prevention kay inyo ng trabaho (because it’s your job). Kamo mga chief of police you go around the barangay and do not sit in your office kay walay kapuslanan na. You go around and personally collect the information from the barangay," Duterte said.
But hours after Duterte’s order, armed robbers struck anew and held up a mother and her daughter around 9 p.m. Monday in San Lorenzo, Puan.
The victims, 16-year-old Chanelle Adlaon and mother Zenaida, were held up while on their way home aboard a tricycle.
The robbers took away P11,000 cash from Chanelle and shot her in the abdomen just as the suspects left the area.
Authorities are puzzled as to why the robbers still shot the victim when she allegedly did not resist the robbers.
The young Adlaon was rushed to the Sanitarium Hospital in Bangkal where she is now under medical treatment.
DCPO chief Ronald dela Rosa and the 12 station heads were present as Duterte laid down the security measures he wanted in place, two days after the rob-slay of Filipino-Chinese registered nurse Marjorie Kwan on Saturday.
"We will establish a database about the criminals. Kinsa ning tawhana, asa ni nagapuyo, pila na ka beses ni nadakpan ug unsa pa nga kaso gikalimbigitan niini (Who is this person, where does he live, how many times was he arrested, what are the other cases he is involved with?)" Duterte said.
"Let's help one another. You build up your barangay police," he told some 182 barangay captains led by his son and Association of Barangay Captains president Councilor Paolo Duterte.
The vice mayor will request Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, his daughter, to allocate enough budget for barangay police allowance.
Duterte said he will provide color-coding placards or plate numbers for tricycles and motorcycles in barangay terminals that will be recorded in barangay hall for security purposes.
He said he will also provide rattan sticks to the barangay police to protect themselves while performing their duties.
The vice mayor assured the city's barangay captains and police officers he will shield them if they will be sued before the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) for strictly implementing security measures.
"Don't worry, I will not let the CHR file charges against you," he said, adding the human rights cases filed against some 27 police officers who were just performing their duties tend to restrain authorities from arresting criminals. (With Ben O. Tesiorna/Sunnex)