Saturday, March 10, 2012

News Update QC Planning More Tourist Attractions

MANILA, Philippines - With a collection of P24.1 million from tourism related fees in 2011, the Quezon City government said Thursday it will develop more attractive sights and facilities to magnetize more local and foreign investors.
Charito Yarra, head of the city's Cultural and Tourism Affairs Office (CTAO), said the fees collected last year was higher than the P20.1 million in 2010.
She said the R4 million increases in tourism revenue could be attributed to the infrastructure development in the city, particularly those tourist-attracting areas developed by the city government and the undying support of the private sector.
The CTAO chief also added that the boost in tourism revenue is due to the effective tax measures being undertaken by the Bautista administration, enabling the city government to collect more than the annual collection target.
"The higher collection could fund more city tourism programs and projects," Yarra added.
At present, Quezon City has a lot of tourist attractions such as parks, museums, heritage places, hotels, and malls drawing more local and foreign tourists in the city.
"We hope that this year will also be a fruitful year for QC when we could collect more revenue on tourism oriented/related establishments. The more we collect revenues, the more we can fund the city's programs and projects," Yarra said.