Sunday, June 3, 2012

Davao mayor says no to daily cockfighting

A PETITION to have daily cockfights in the city does not sit well with Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio. The City Council passed on first reading, in Tuesday's regular session, the request of cockpit owners/operators to amend the city's Revenue Code specifically on the provisions that restrict the schedules of cockfights. In a text message to Sun.Star Davao, Duterte-Carpio said she is not buying the group's excuse that holding cockfights here every day will help the city's finances. "Gambling is addictive and it is a bad idea to feed their addiction everyday, which will make them lose more money, which in turn, is detrimental to their personal lives," Duterte-Carpio said. The petition was signed by representatives of city's major cockpits including Robert D. Pichon Sr., Buhangin Gallera; Abdulla Aquino, Aquino Gallera; Sammy Uy, Matina Gallera; Eugenio D. Derequito, Toril Gallera, and representatives of Mintal and Calinan Gallera. In a letter to the City Council, one of their contentions in their request is that the daily cockfights will further improve the city's entertainment scene. It will also be a means for the City Government to earn more revenues through taxes. The mayor said the city has no problem finding income-generating measure. "It is as if pataob na ang city natin (the city is bankrupt). We are good with revenue and paying our debts," the mayor said. Duterte-Carpio said even if the City Council passes an ordinance granting the request of the group, with the power vested on her by the law, she said she will veto such ordinance. "Gambling is gambling, whether or not it is legal or illegal. It has the same deleterious effects on an addict," the mayor lamented. She expressed hopes that there are still many councilors who just like her, have the same sentiment toward the request of cockpits owners/operators. At present, cockpits are being held every day in some major cities across the country but for the mayor, this is the essence of the autonomy of all local government units (LGUs) one is not obliged to follow what other LGUs are doing.