Saturday, June 2, 2012

DID YOU KNOW THAT ? Filipinos still a romantic lot, SWS survey shows

MANILA, Philippines - Despite hard times, Filipinos remain a romantic lot, with more than half believing that first love never dies and four of five believing in love that is meant to be. This is based on a new survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 last year, results of which were released Wednesday. The survey was conducted among 1,500 respondents. "Over half (55 percent) of adult Filipinos believe that 'first love never dies,'" SWS said in its website. It added that 78 percent of respondents believe in the statement, "If you love someone then set him free, if he/she comes back again it was meant to be." SWS said the survey also showed that 59 percent in the Visayas, 57 percent in Mindanao, and 52 percent each in Balance Luzon and Metro Manila believe that "first love never dies." It noted that three out of five (60 percent) in class E believe in it, 54 percent in class D, and 47 percent in class ABC. Belief that first love never dies is similar among men (56 percent) and women (54 percent), SWS said. On the other hand, 58 percent of those 55 years old and above believe in it, 56 percent among those aged 35-54, 52 percent among those aged 25-34, and 49 percent among those aged 18-24. Some 58 percent of those who are married share this belief, 54 percent among those with live-in partners, and 45 percent among those without spouse or partner. The second question went, "Naniniwala po ba kayo o hindi naniniwala sa lyrics ng kantang nagsasabing: 'Kung mahal mo ang isang tao, palayain mo siya, at kapag siya'y bumalik ito'y itinadhana (Do you believe or do not believe in the lyrics of one song stating that: 'If you love someone then set him/her free, if he/she comes back again it was meant to be')?'" Of the respondents, 81 percent in Metro Manila, 79 percent in Balance Luzon, 78 percent in the Visayas, and 74 percent in Mindanao said they believe in it. By class, 79 percent of class D believe in the statement, 77 percent among class E, and 76 percent among class ABC. Seventy-seven percent of men and 79 percent of women believe in it. "Belief in love that is meant to be is shared by 81 percent of those aged 25-34 and 45-54, 80 percent among aged 35-44, 76 percent among aged 18-24, and 71 percent among aged 55 and above," SWS added. By civil status, four our of five (81 percent) of those with a live-in partner believe in it, 79 percent among those who are married, and 73 percent among those without spouse or partner. The survey was conducted over Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 last year, using face-to-face interviews with 1,500 adults divided into random samples of 300 each in Metro Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao, and 600 in Balance Luzon. Sampling error margins of ±2.5 percent for national percentages, ±6 percent for Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao, and ±4 percent for Balance Luzon applied to the survey. - GMANews.TV