Friday, June 15, 2012

Mt. Samat Draws More Visitors

..MT. SAMAT, PILAR, Bataan - The historic Mt. Samat where a giant concreted cross was established atop of this mountain continues to draw visitors and tourists, as Pilar town, where Mt. Samat is located, gains more exposure and economic benefits.

A joint project of the Department of Tourism and Mayor Charlie Pizarro, the Zip line put up atop of the historic forested area has added attraction to the giant concreted cross that symbolizes the heroism of World War II veterans. Hundreds, if not thousands of tourists-local and foreign, who loved "flying" via zip line cable, have been visiting the area since its erection this year.

Aside from the zip line, Mayor Pizarro has also put up a first-class firing range at the middle of Mt. Samat that has been "mobbed" by gun lovers, international and national shooters for the past months.

A sharp shooter himself, Pizarro has invited well-known personalities from the entertainment industry, business sector local and national leaders to join the shooting competitions. The arrival of shooters and mountains hikers here gave this town more income to its coffers.

While Mayor Pizarro focuses on searching funds for the establishment of various income generating facilities here, his wife Alice, who chairs the town's tourism, is also busy enriching the tourism program of Pilar and courting tourists to boost the income of this town.

Successful in his political career being a former security aide of Governor Tet Garcia, Mayor Pizarro had also successfully converted the once idle and un-operated community hospital facility into an income generating facility - now called the government center.

The government center is now making money where most of the town's income comes from. "Kumikita na ang aming Government center dahil sa dami na rin ng mga nangungupahang opisina-private and public agencies," Mayor Pizarro said.