Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In the Philippines, two distinct types of avocado exist, namely the green-fruited and the purple-fruited types. Under the present nature of small-scale and backyard avocado production.
There are mainly two seasons in the Philippines, the dry and the wet season. During the dry (tag-araw) season, fruits like mango, (mangga), pineapple, (pinya), coconut, watermelon (pakwan), avocado (abokado), melon and chico are available in abundance. During the wet (tag-ulan) season, there are grapes, apples (mansanas) and oranges (dalandan) along with local fruits like calamansi (kalamansi), and pomelo (suha). Calamansi is a sour fruit about the size of a lime but it is orange in color. Pomelo is also a fruit with a bitter taste and it has a green color. In the Philippines, bananas are grown throughout the year and some people even grow them in their backyards. There are many colorful fruits in the Philippines from which fruit salads can be prepared. There is orange papaya (kahel na papaya), pulang (red) strawberries, which can be mixed with deliciously sweet yellow mango. Other food found in the Philippine include eggplant, (talong) and food cooked with coconut milk.