Thursday, August 23, 2012

Man shot dead while tagging nephew along

..ANOTHER man was shot dead in Carcar City, making it the seventh shooting incident in the area this August. Victim Rutchel Cabaluna was shot dead in the head by an unidentified assailant in Upper Dap-dap, Poblacion III, Carcar City. Insp. Ian Paul Rafols of the Carcar City police said the victim went to his neighbor’s house together with his 10-year-old nephew. On their way home, an unidentified man shot Cabaluna several times. Six empty shells of a 9mm pistol were found in the crime scene. Cabaluna, a former security guard, was rushed to Carcar District Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Love triangle? Carcar City Police Chief Teodulfo Manatad said they are looking into a possible love triangle angle. Manatad said Cabaluna’s live-in partner had a husband who possibly held a grudge against the victim. He added they still have to interview the 10-year-old boy who might have witnessed the incident. He said the boy was still in shock and kept on crying since yesterday. Another angle the police are looking into is the estafa case filed against the victim last year. Manatad added they will also have to check if the victim has enemies that might have a grudge on Cabaluna. Vendor In Barangay Sta. Rosario, Bogo City, a vendor was shot dead by an unidentified man at 11 a.m. yesterday. Victim Warren Brignas, 30, sustained a gunshot wound in his head, which led to his death. The assailant reportedly wore a red bonnet, black jacket and boarded a black motorcycle. PO3 Edwin Dignos of Bogo Police Station said Brignas was walking on his way home when he met the suspect and shot him. Police are still investigating the motive of the killing. Meanwhile, operatives from the Medellin Police Station are still searching for the assailants who killed three men Tuesday dawn. SPO4 Carlos Condino of Medellin Police Station said the unidentified assailants were possibly a guns for hire and were not from Medellin. He added they went back to the crime scene yesterday and interviewed the victims’ relatives to gather more leads. Victims Joel Bañares, 30, Maki Verallo, of legal age, and Benjie Piamonte, 26, were shot dead while sleeping under a tree in Barangay Dayagon, Medellin, Cebu at 3:30 a.m. last Tuesday.