Friday, August 3, 2012

Proposed bill will make insurance mandatory for PUVs

By Monico D. Mekaniko QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA – This is good news for commuters. In light of accidents involving public utility vehicles, a bill has been filed to obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for public utility vehicles, which include jeeps, buses, and taxis. This essentially means operators of PUVs will have to make sure that drivers and passengers will be protected. House Bill 6174 or the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Comprehensive Insurance Act seeks to make insurance mandatory among PUV operators particularly to help victims of vehicular accidents as well as the owners of the vehicles to recover from damage. Under the proposal, voluntary third party liability (VTPL) coverage would be offered up to a specified amount after using the P100,000 liability amount offered under the existing Insurance Code of the Philippines. The amount of P100,000 is the maximum allowed for passenger liability for all compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance (CMVLI) under the Insurance Memorandum Circular no. 4-2006. The VTPL would include reimbursements for medical costs for, as well as liability for property damage caused by the insured vehicle against a third party vehicle or property. In addition, the bill would provide coverage against death or physical injury received by passengers of the insured vehicle. The bill was filed by Representative Anthony Del Rosario (1st district, Davao). According to him, “the sense of responsibility and accountability exercised by private motor vehicle owners should be similarly demanded from public land transport operators, specifically, of buses and taxicabs because they are in the business of providing service to the vast majority who depend on public transport as the cheaper means of transportation.” If passed into law, this will also ensure that PUV operators will have the obligation of not just protecting their drivers but also to ensure the safety of the riding public. Till next time, this is Monico D. Mekaniko, Va-va-vroom!